For any man, contracting a testicular disease spells disaster.  There are many kinds of testicular diseases; all of them having a major impact on a man’s life.  There are basically two types of testicular diseases: Ones that are reproductive in nature; and ones that are endocrinal.  Some diseases are more serious than others.  Of course, all of them require attention and proper treatment.

What Is An Endocrinal Testicular Disease?

The first type of testicular illness is categorized as endocrinal.  Basically, an endocrinal disease is caused by the abnormal functioning of any gland in the body.  Most of the time, this is related to underproduction of overproduction of hormones.  With testicular diseases in particular, this is related to gland malfunctioning of the gonads.  These are the male sex glands found inside the scrotum.  The main responsibility of the gonads is to produce testosterone, which is needed for sexual function.  Simply put, without proper functioning of the male sex glands, a man will have lowered libido.

What Is A Reproductive Testicular Disease?

On the other hand, testicular diseases categorized as reproductive in nature are related to malfunction in the male reproductive gland.  The most infamous type of male reproductive disease is testicular cancer, which can cause pain and swelling in the testicles.  This can also metastasize to other systems of the body, ultimately leading to more complications; even death.  In general, a reproductive disease of the testicles is more serious than an endocrinal-based disease as the latter can be treated through hormone therapy and other procedures.

What Are The Signs And Symptoms?

The general signs of these diseases are swelling and pain in the male genital area, specifically the scrotum.  Specific areas may get enlarged.  I once read about a testicular cancer patient having one half of his scrotum grow to a size as big as his fists.  Another symptom is pain in areas near the testicles, such as the lower back or abdominal area.  If you are going through all these symptoms, I would suggest seeing a specialist right away.  For some endocrinal diseases, the effects may also be felt in sexual performance.  Examples of these are loss in sexual appetite and inability to “get it up”.

How To Get Treatment

Testicular DiseaseI wouldn’t be able to tell you the specifics of how you can get yourself treated, if you are suffering from this disease.  If you want to know how to get treatment, the best person to consult with is a specialist.  A specialist should be able to determine what type of disease you have.  He or she should also know the severity of your case.  And of course, he or she should be able to recommend the best type of treatment for your case.  All I can tell you about are the symptoms and general information about these illnesses; treatments, on the other hand, I leave to the hands of experts.  A good physician or specialist should be able to help in diagnosing and treating any type of testicular disease.